Car door opened into path

This type of motorbike accident occurs when a vehicle door is swung open in front of a passing motorcyclist.

Car door opened into path

How do car door motorcycle accidents happen? 

Often known as dooring, this type of motorcycle accident is unfortunately all too common. Either the biker impacts the door itself, or they suffer a secondary accident as a result of trying to avoid a vehicle door that has been opened in their path. 

Parked car, van or lorry drivers (or indeed their passengers) may fail to spot passing motorcyclists before opening their door into oncoming traffic, causing a passing biker to swerve and/or resulting in a dangerous accident. 

In some situations, a dooring accident can occur when a car is parked illegally, on double yellow lines, for example. In this situation, a biker may have to pass a parked car closely due to other moving traffic and have nowhere else to go if a door is opened into their path. 

How can I avoid a motorbike dooring accident? 

Motorbike accidents where the biker is struck by a car door can be difficult to avoid, but there are certain measures you can take to try and minimise the chances of a dooring accident happening. This includes ensuring that you’re as visible as possible to drivers and their passengers by wearing a light or brightly coloured helmet, as well as reflective clothing. Staying in a central position in the road where possible can also help.  

For drivers and passengers, they can help avoid car door accidents by considering bikers and cyclists before leaving a vehicle and ensuring they always check behind them before opening their car door. 

What’s the law on car door accidents? 

An update to The Highway Code in 2022 attempts to protect cyclists and motorcyclists from dooring accidents. Rule 239 advises that where possible, drivers should open the car door using the hand furthest from the door, forcing them to turn and look over their shoulder. This is known as the Dutch Reach.  

How do solicitors fight a motorbike dooring case? 

In dooring accidents, it’s always best to seek legal support as soon as possible. A personal injury solicitor who specialises in motorcycle accidents can help establish the facts of the case and put together your claim for compensation. Using their knowledge of the relevant legislation and bikers’ rights in dooring accidents, your solicitor will build a strong case on your behalf. Your solicitor will then help negotiate your settlement by gathering information on the extent of any injuries and losses you experienced.  

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