Road debris / spillages

As all bikers know, the road surface beneath their tyres is a crucial factor in keeping things safely rubber side down.

Road debris / spillages

Knowing that the road ahead is clear of obstructions and how much grip is available can determine the rider’s ability to stop, speed up or change direction at a moment’s notice in order to avoid a potential accident. 

How to avoid a road debris/spillage accident 

Avoiding a road debris/spillage accident can be difficult. Doing all the right things, such as remaining at a safe speed, staying aware of your surroundings, and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles can help you reduce the chance of an accident, but may not help you avoid danger completely.  

Fuel spillages are often located near fuel filling stations and junctions. When fuel is spilled on tarmac it creates a greasy surface which can be treacherous for bikers, often causing the bike to slide out from underneath you. Identified visually by the telltale rainbow colouring on the ground, bikers can usually smell a diesel or petrol spillage before they see it, by which point it’s often too late.  

What sort of debris can cause a motorcycle accident? 

Roads can be littered with all kinds of debris that can cause a motorcycle accident, from very small to very large, this includes: 

  • Sticks or branches from a tree 
  • Stones and fallen rocks (if passing through valleys and mountainous regions) 
  • Litter and packaging
  • Items/goods fallen from vans or lorries, such as building materials
  • Boxes and packages
  • Car body parts/tyres etc. 

Can I make a claim for a debris/spillage accident? 

Yes, if you’ve had a motorcycle accident caused by debris or spillage on the road, you may be able to make a claim for compensation if it wasn’t your fault.  

What should I do after a road debris/spillage accident? 

  • Collect evidence - When making a claim for compensation after a road debris/spillage accident, it's important to gather evidence, which will support you in making your claim.  Keep records of what happened and when (date and time). Include as much information as possible, including witness details, details of injuries, vehicle damage, how busy the road was, and even the weather. Take photos of the spillage/debris and surroundings so that you can see its exact location. All of this can be useful as part of your claim. 
  • Report the incident - With a debris/spillage accident, it’s important to report the incident to the police, so that the debris/spillage can be cleaned up to prevent further accidents. 
  • Seek legal advice - It’s important to seek legal support as soon as possible. By using a personal injury solicitor who specialises in motorbike accidents, you’ll have the best possible chance of a successful claim. Contact the motorcycle accident claim experts to start a no-win-no-fee claim on 0330 0081218.  

How do solicitors fight a motorcycle debris/spillage case? 

If you were able to trace where the spillage/debris has come from, your solicitor can take legal action against them.

In motorbike debris or spillage accidents, it can be difficult to trace who was responsible, but you may still have legal recourse through The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), a not-for-profit organisation that supports victims of motor accidents caused by an untraced driver. The process of making a claim with the MIB can be time-consuming, but working with a solicitor who specialises in MIB claims, can help speed up your claim.   

These are technically complex cases, so having a specialist solicitor on your side can protect your interests and deliver the expertise needed to build a solid case and achieve a positive outcome.  

Why Biker SOS? 

Biker SOS handle around 1 in 6 motorcycle accident claims in the UK – making us the largest specialist provider in the country.  

As part of Fletchers Group, we have 30 years of personal injury experience and are passionate about fighting for the rights of vulnerable road users. Our expert team will fight your corner and get you the compensation you deserve, supporting you throughout your claim, as well as your rehabilitation and recovery.  

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