Serious limb injury

A serious limb injury is a major injury to either a leg or arm, or to the toes and fingers. This includes broken bones and dislocations, plus other significant trauma to bone, soft tissue and major vessels.

Serious limb injury

Which limb is the most vulnerable for motorcyclists?

The leg is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body for motorbikers and accounts for around 30% of all serious motorcycle injuries.

Broken bones, including cracked or fractured bones, can cause severe pain and often fully restrict the movement of the affected limb. Severe breaks may result in a limb changing shape and appearance along with swelling and discolouration.

How do I know if I’ve suffered a dislocation?

A dislocation injury is when a bone has been moved or dislodged from its normal location or socket. In this case, the joint will look strange and out of place and there may be considerable pain, bruising, swelling, discolouration, numbness, weakness and inability to move.

Other types of serious limb injuries include wrist and ankle fractures, crushed kneecaps and major crush injuries, which are the most severe type of limb injury, where a limb is so badly damaged it requires amputation.

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