Spinal cord injury

The spinal cord runs from the base of the brain down to the lower back, connecting the brain to the rest of the body. Its role is to carry messages from the brain, known as motor commands, via nerves to the extremities, and also to return sensory information back to the brain.

Spinal cord injury

Are all spinal cord injuries serious?

Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident to the spinal cord caused by damage to the vertebrae, ligaments or disks are extremely serious, and may cause paralysis in some or all parts of the body – it plays a vital role in how the human body moves.

Your ability to retain control of your limbs after a spinal cord injury depends on two factors: where the injury occurred on your spinal cord and the severity of injury. The severity of the injury is often called "the completeness" and is classified either as complete, or incomplete.

If all feeling and all ability to control movement are lost below the spinal cord injury, the injury is called complete. If there is some motor or sensory function below the affected area, the injury is called incomplete.

If you've suffered a spinal cord injury following a motorcycle accident, almost every aspect of your life may be affected. You might feel the effects of your injury mentally, emotionally and socially.

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