An amputation injury is the removal or loss of a body part due to severe trauma. This could include the loss of a finger, toe, hand, arm or leg.


Motorbike accidents that have resulted in this form of severe trauma are often very serious road traffic incidents, and the effects can be devastating and life-changing.

Following an amputation of a limb, either by trauma or surgery, the person’s mobility is likely to be severely affected. They will not be able to walk if they have lost a leg or they may find that their balance is severely affected if they have lost an arm. Following extensive rehabilitation and care, many amputees can make use of a prosthetic limb, but ultimately, completing daily tasks or activities that we often take for granted may become much more difficult or even impossible.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when assessing the total effects of an amputation. This includes:

  • The person’s age
  • Their living conditions or marital status
  • The type or form of amputation
  • The state or condition of the remaining limb
  • Other injuries sustained in the accident
  • Health status before the injury
  • Whether use of a prosthetic is possible

In addition to the obvious physical effects to a person’s mobility caused by amputation, there are other physical, physiological and emotional effects, too.

Physical effects such as limb pain can often occur, which is caused by the damage to the nerves at the site of the amputation. Phantom limb pain is when a person feels severe pain in the removed or missing limb, which although seems impossible, is actually caused by the brain.

Amputees can suffer further medical problems and discomfort from secondary physical issues including infections, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), muscle contractures and severe fatigue.

Even once the remaining limb has healed, amputees can suffer from a range of emotional effects ranging from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and negative body perception.

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