Motorcyclist receives £167K settlement despite dispute in liability

03 May 2023

Motorcyclist receives £167K settlement despite dispute in liability

Supported by the solicitors at Biker SOS, part of Fletchers Group

Lawyer: Neil Downey 
Settlement Figure: £167,000 

Our client was travelling along River Way, Harlow, Essex, on his motorcycle when the defendant, who had just dropped their wife off at work, was pulling out of a driveway and a drove across his path. As our client, who was correctly positioned on the road continued his journey, he collided with right side of the defendant’s vehicle. 

Our client suffered the following injuries: multiple ligament injuries of the left knee, soft tissue injuries on the neck, multiple left sided rib fractures, torn aorta, which caused a collection of blood between the chest & lungs, bacterial infection in his right forearm, psychological symptoms, by way of moderately severe reactive depression, and a head injury with post-traumatic amnesia. 

Due to his injuries, our client was unable to return to his usual job after the accident for more than a year. When he returned to a similar HGV role, our client experienced some difficulties due to the knee injury and was forced to alter his employment, taking on a different HGV role as a class 1 HGV driver. 

Our legal team fought hard to secure a settlement of £167,500, despite liability being disputed throughout the case. 

Following the case, Solicitor Neil Downey said: “The injuries which our client suffered as a result of this collision were extensive and led to him undergoing a long period of treatment and recovery. His recovery following the collision has not been complete, and he continues to suffer the effects of the collision. Despite this, he has been committed and been able to return to employment as he adapts to the impact which this unfortunate event has had upon him.” 

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